Speak for Yourself LLC

Marlton, NJ 08053
United States
Phone: 215-605-0508
Email: Speakforyourselfaac@yahoo.com
Web: Www.speakforyourself.org
Speak for Yourself is an AAC language app designed by two speech language pathologists. It allows the individual to start with one word and grow to 14,000 words with no more than two touches to say a word. If you know someone who is nonverbal, stop and see us because it is a basic human right to Speak for Yourself.

Product Categories
  · Communication and learning products
  · Computer software and hardware
  · Developmental centers and schools specializing in Autism
  · Dietary meal plans/specialty foods
  · Educational and treatment materials
  · Educational software
  · Fundraising/Marketing Assistance
  · Games and toys for children with special needs
  · Gluten free/casein-free foods
  · Higher Education Research Centers
  · Insurance/family planning
  · Laboratory Services
  · Medical/Healthcare
  · Pharmaceuticals and Nutriceuticals
  · Publishing
  · Speech and hearing devices

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